Rob Lloyd: Who, Me?

Review by Elaine Reid | 22 Aug 2013
  • Rob Lloyd: Who, me?

First up, David Tennant, if you're reading this, you look exactly like Rob Lloyd!

It's time to gather round and release your inner geek. Put your inhibitions aside and revel in the bow-tie-wearing, Dalek-loving glory of the wonderful world of The Doctor, as you joyously sing the Doctor Who theme from the sanctum of the Tonic at Bristo Square.

There's something  enchanting about a person so obsessed with something they love. Who, Me? is passionately performed by Rob Lloyd, a self-confessed drama geek and Who fanatic. So much so that he stole Dr Who videos from his local shops (but returned each time to pay the fines) and who spent his time at college growing his memorabilia while his classmates went on the razz.

Rob is funny, endearing and wholeheartedly obsessed with Doctor Who. You'll discover how it's shaped his life and got him through various scenarios where he would have otherwise floundered and been defeated. A captivating, funny and engaging performance. Get your geek on and enjoy.


Rob Lloyd, Who Me? Just the Tonic at Bristo Square, until 25 Aug, 1.25pm, £8