Rob Deb: The Dork Knight Triumphant

Review by Bernard O'Leary | 11 Aug 2012
  • Rob Deb

By his own admission, Deb's shows only really work when he's playing to proper hardcore geeks. Tonight's tiny crowd includes a man who owns his own Batman costume and a honeymooning couple who had a Star Wars-themed wedding, with the head table done up to look like Tatooine.

Game on. A few Batman anecdotes provide something of a structure to the show, including a tale of the worst ever attempt to be a real-life Dark Knight. Mainly, this hour is just a chance for Deb to riff on his geek passions which range from DC Comics to classic sitcoms. He's a really engaging bloke, a fast-talker with shabby charm and a nice line in gleeful self-deprecation as he admits to us that he not only still lives with his parents, but has given up on finding love and bought an Xbox instead.

He's clearly not a comic for every room and admits that his first few gigs have been disasters. Put him in front of like-minded people, like tonight's audience, and he's excellent. With some smart bookings, Deb could become the Lenny Bruce of the sci-fi and roleplaying convention scenes.

Rob Deb: The Dork Knight Triumphant, Jekyll & Hyde, 20:15, until 26 August (not 16), Free