Rich Fulcher – Tiny Acts of Rebellion

Article by Simon Fielding | 09 Aug 2011
  • Rich Fulcher – Tiny Acts of Rebellion

Tiny Acts of Rebellion explores the premise that effective social change can only happen through minor, ridiculous, sometimes childish impudences in our everyday lives. Fulcher cuts a world-weary figure on stage, his droll delivery augmented by snappy visuals and a sharp, cheeky sidekick.

The next hour is an amusing, if uneven, demonstration of 'tiny acts' in action. So, we have Fulcher standing before the front row with a bag of urine, Fulcher blundering through a karaoke set and some interesting experiments with mispronunciations in different social contexts. The concept of the show sometimes overshadows the concrete realisation of the jokes, and the hour tends to be a hit and miss affair.

Every member is given a name tag on the way in, but Fulcher doesn't really capitalise on the opportunity to interact with his willing audience. This is a shame, as the crowd were ready to follow the performer more than he recognised. The cheeky sidekick figure threatens to steal the show with his caustic one-liners, and lends the show a coherence that is lacking in some of the material.  

Rich Fulcher – Tiny Acts of Rebellion, Gilded Balloon 20:30, Aug 6-28 (not 15) 20.30. From £11