Return of The Lumberjacks (Back By Poplar Demand)

Review by Kate Russell | 15 Aug 2012
  • Return of The Lumberjacks (Back By Popular Demand)

An hour and a half of three incredible comedians each at the top of their game, and a surprise special guest who turns out to be Mick Foley; what more could you ask from a show?

Craig Campbell is perhaps the world’s best compere, never picking on the audience but getting everyone to make noise and laugh along to his targeted Scotland-based observations. His physicality and rubber faces, plus the fact that you can’t not like him, open up the show in the best way.

Glenn Wool is next on, turning his finely tuned comedy eye to such subjects as religion (blue elephants), swans (having sex with them), and cocaine (for kids). He judges it perfectly, falling on the right side of offensive, and catching that wave of philosophical comedy exactly right.

After a stunning surprise turn from the incredible Mick Foley, honorary Lumberjack, it’s the turn of Stewart Francis. What a way to end. Mixing original Lumberjacks jokes from 15 years ago with material from his latest tour, Francis knocks it out of the park – his one-liners and puns hit the mark, keeping this reviewer laughing ‘til her lungs couldn’t take the strain.

With special inbetween moments, including an owl, a roman wrestler, and more of Glenn Wool than we ever needed to see, this is a stunning show from three fantastic, and very different, comedians.


Return of the Lumberjacks (Back by Popular Demand), Assembly Rooms, until 26 Aug, 20:10, £15/£12