Randy Writes A Novel @ Underbelly, Potterow

Randy raises eyebrows at an invigorating late-night show, and is surprisingly opinionated for someone made of purple felt

Review by Tamara Mathias | 15 Aug 2016
  • Randy Writes A Novel

The premise is straightforward. Randy – the puppet – has just written a novel. Where better to test his authorial debut than the Edinburgh Fringe, ‘where art meets piss and vomit’?

To overcome nerves he works his way up to the actual reading bit with some introductory banter, sending the show caterwauling into a rambling discourse on everything from Buddhist thought to the McDonald’s home delivery service. Randy shares the complexion of Barney the Dinosaur but soon has us questioning the meaning of life.

In a performance that combines the intellectualism of a debate with the irreverence of a drunken dinner party anecdote, Randy manages to have audiences in splits as well as deep in thought with impressive subsequence. Some very clever writing and ingenious engineering ensure this is replete with acerbic wit, all folded through a character that offers a refreshing change rather than distracting from the essence of the performance.

Not a bad start for any first time puppet author finding his… feet.

Randy Writes a Novel, Underbelly Potterrow (Topside), 3-29 Aug (not 15), 10.05pm, £7-12.50