Rachel Stubbings: Stubbing Out Problems

Rest easy, troubled souls, for Rachel Stubbings is coming to heal all wounds at the Fringe

Preview by Iain Gorman | 26 Jul 2012
  • Rachel Stubbings

Tell us about your show? 

Its called 'Rachel Stubbings IS Stubbings Out Problems' and its a show about how selfless and awesome I am at healing people. I'll be taking Skype calls from the general public and then I'll fix them live on stage, plus I'll be healing my audience should they have problems themselves. Its a show about people less fortunate than myself (you lot) but if we end up finding out a bit more about me by the end, then so be it. 

In 5 words or less, why should we see it?

I can fix you.

How have your previews been going? 

One time my psycho ex-boyfriend kept calling in on the 'Stubbing Out Skype Line', gobbing off about this ‘n that in front of an almost entirely paying audience. Saying that I wasn't a very good agony aunt and other untrue stuff. But other than that, they've been 100% perfect. 

How are you going to keep it fresh for the full three weeks? 

My show depends on what problems the general public call in with and whether or not my audiences are riddled with problems (which they so often are). That's what'll keep it fresh. That and mints. 

Is it ultimately worth coming to the Fringe? 

It’s financial suicide BUT that's why it’s going to be all the more rewarding for me (eg, people are gonna be having breakdowns left, right and centre and I'll be able to heal them). 

What's the worst mistake people make at the Fringe? 

Taking class A drugs and having sex with loads of people.

Last year's Fringe was all about the London riots. What major news event do you think will force you to hurriedly rewrite your 2012 show? 

Say, if someone called in and said they'd just bombed the Olympic stadium or whatever, we'd probably have a little chat about that. Just depends. 

Do you pay your taxes? 

I try.

What was your favourite joke when you were a kid? 

"Pull my finger."

Who else are you hoping to see while you're in Edinburgh? 

I can't wait to see Ed Eales-White: Champions, Alistair Green being Jack Spencer in Why Anything? And I loved Tania Edwards show Killer Instinct when I saw a preview so looking forward to seeing it at the fest!

Rachel Stubbings: Stubbing Out Problems,Underbelly, 1-27 August (not 14), 15:00, £8/£9 http://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/comedy/rachel-stubbings-is-stubbing-out-problems