Pig With The Face Of A Boy

Article by Edward Whelan | 10 Aug 2009

Come in off the crowded streets and escape the unending raucous cries of flyer-bearing promoters and overheated children – the Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival brings you sweet and twisted comedy tunes from Pig with the Face of a Boy and twelve perfect little songs cleverly composed with both well-honed comic timing and fine musicianship.

Their lyrics always begin in the world of the sane but then take a surprising leap down dark and surreal comic alleyways, where love-struck shepherds mingle with the half naked, urine-drinking Howard Hughes. With a jingly set of instruments, including a 12 string ukulele, their harmonies put you in mind of the early Divine Comedy, as they blend the melodies of music hall with intelligent acoustic pop tunes. A better hour of shiny comic songs may be hard to find, and certainly not for free.

Free, 1:55 pm 10-17, 19-31 Aug