Phil Hammond – Dr Phil’s Rude Health Show

Article by John Darley | 20 Aug 2011
  • Phil Hammond – Dr Phil’s Rude Health Show

I can’t help but notice that I could be the youngest person in this audience. Looking into Paul Hammond’s back catalogue of achievements in his life, you can easily understand how he’s captured the following of a now middle-aged audience. Appearing regularly as a guest on Countdown’s dictionary corner and on BBC Radio 4, his recent, and perhaps most controversial work was featured in this year’s Private Eye where he revealed the truth behind the treatment of ‘whistleblowers’ within the NHS. 

Though Hammond’s interesting way of luring his audience into gaining his trust has an extremely positive effect, he eases the crowed by discussing all things Conservative and Scottish health related, right before diving into some dirtier subject matter. Having a real professional stance for all things vulgar, while also being a qualified physician, there’s nothing that’s not gone past him with patients and their accidents when ‘experimenting.’

Outrageously hilarious, but not completely offensive, it feels like Yes Minister has teamed up with Nuts Magazine.

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