Paul Vickers: Twonkey's Kingdom

Review by Bernard O'Leary | 04 Aug 2012
  • Paul Vickers

Half-dragon, half-witch, all accountant, Twonky returns to the Fringe as ruler of her own kingdom. Don't worry if you missed the previous installments, Twonkey's Cottage and Twonkey's Castle. Even if you had seen them, you'd still be confused.

Twonkey herself only takes up a small part of the show before Vickers moves on to more pressing matters: the horrifying untold story of Humpty Dumpty's orphaned children; Lon Chaney's favourite flowers; and the results of last week's pub quiz. At one point we're all taken away on a ship sailed by the Queen of Ireland. It's quite lovely.

This is not the hipster surrealism of The Mighty Boosh. With his charm, catchy tunes, music hall sensibility and a steadfast refusal to make any kind of sense, Vickers seems to be the natural successor to Frank Sidebottom. Like the sadly-departed Sidebottom, Vickers will cause immense frustration in those boring people who insist on understanding everything. So don't be one of those people. Just sit back and surrender to the stream of conciousness. Let it carry you away to a happy, magical place, a place where Twonkey is king and she is a kind ruler.

Paul Vickers: Twonkey's Kingdom, Alternative Fringe @ The Hive, Until August 26 (not 7, 21,22), 15:00, Free