Paul Vickers: Twonkeys Blue Cadabra

Review by Vonny Moyes | 20 Aug 2013
  • Twonkeys Blue Cadabra

How deep does the rabbit hole go? Several flights of stairs into the belly of Edinburgh – and that’s just the venue. Pay a visit to Twonkeys Blue Cadabra, and you’ll find yourself in the curious world of Paul Vickers’ imagination; a place where fairytales grew up, and went a bit wrong.

The Little Prince once said, “All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it.” The allure of the fairytale hinges on an open mind, so take everything you know about being an adult, and forget it. You need to ditch your adult sensibilities at the door for this one. This deliciously twisted cabaret is so off the wall you won’t know which way is up; but that’s okay. You’re in the safe hands of Mr Twonkey; it’s clear he’s loving every minute, and if you relax a bit, you will too. Yes, it’s a bit odd, and at times no one really knows what’s happening – a bit like suddenly finding yourself wandering through a DalÍ, or in the midst of the Fishy-Fishy sketch from The Meaning of Life, but it's charming. There's a warmth that's often missing from absurdism, and it's comforting when it gets lost in translation. 

There’s magic, music and little hats. Ketchup balloons, stories and a puppet so tragic he might just make you cry. At times it’s a little hard to follow without a constant visual narrative, but Vickers is so earnest – so brimming with ardour – you have to just go with it. Twonkeys Blue Cadabra is a smelting pot of originality, and a must if you've ever found yourself giggling at nothing. This is reality versus imagination, and it’s up to you who wins. I know which side I’m picking.

Laughing Horse @ Espionage, 21-25 AUG, 19:30, Free/collection on exit