Paul Sinha @ The Stand

Every new Paul Sinha show feels original

Review by John Stansfield | 14 Aug 2017
  • Paul Sinha

In his 2015 show, Paul Sinha declared himself to be very happy with his lot in life. Two years later, he's pondering three significant breakups. One came days after he had concluded that previous Fringe show. After his long term boyfriend split up with him, Sinha was sent on a spiral that has lead to this new show and given it the title Shout Out To My Ex. The other two ‘exes’ Sinha tells us about were one of his oldest friends and a prominent figure in the comedy world.

The one relationship that has kept Sinha sane in the time that has elapsed between shows is his love affair with trivia. Thankfully that’s still standing as it lends the story most of its comedy gold – be it his dealings in his day job as ‘The Sinnerman’ on ITV’s The Chase and the Z-list celebrity shenanigans that inevitably brings, and his navigation up the quiz league table of London’s various pub quizzes. Personal but not overbearing, Sinha lets you in enough to see what makes him tick but never where he’s going next, a skill that makes every punchline feel fresh.

Paul Sinha: Shout Out to My Ex, The Stand Comedy Club, until 27 Aug (not 14), 4.55pm, £11-12