Paul Sinha: 39 Years Of Solitude

Article by Ariadne Cass-Maran | 23 Aug 2009

Paul Sinha is a single, gay, Asian ex GP and comedian. Often being asked what it is like to be all these things understandably drives him nuts, since these are not all which define him, as a human being or as a comedian. His show is a feat of beautifully constructed story telling, as we find out just what it is which pushes his buttons and forces him, finally, to stand up for himself.

He is a pedantic man, obsessed with truth and accuracy and this, refreshingly, is the focus of any references to race; his sense of personal persecution being usually a secondary reaction, if it exists at all. It is fantastic to see a man who fits into so many minority boxes rejecting those particular cliches of self definition. What he gives us instead is all the complications of himself, in all his intelligent, charming glory, in a perfectly structured show. He is extraordinarily funny, and I predict, shouldn't be single for much longer.