One-Eyed Men's Friendship Formula

Review by Kate Russell | 08 Aug 2012
  • One-Eyed Men

Sam, Ben, and Alex want to be your friend. Well, maybe not you, but every day one lucky punter will be thoroughly befriended by these One-Eyed Men. Friendship is central to this show in more than one way. Firstly, it’s the grounding for the brilliantly offbeat flights of fancy the guys whip out of their imaginations, and secondly it’s what makes these three work so well together. Each man is their own puzzle piece, and they all understand and highlight each other’s strengths.

The show is solid ideas performed well, but it’s much more than that. There is an individuality about this that comes from their equal footing in the real and the surreal. They break the fourth wall in a teenage boy kind of way, and they’re not afraid to quickly change direction – imagine Jay from the Inbetweeners having a go at being in The Mighty Boosh and you’re somewhere like it. Their sketches start as little reality seeds, then grow and twist and turn into something weird and wonderful and really, really funny; the show’s audience participation sections are probably the best I’ll see this Fringe. Smart, funny, and so ‘something else’ - I’d keep my eye on these guys.


One-Eyed Men's Friendship Formula, Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters, Aug 2-10, 12-17, 19-26, 14.30, Free