Nick Doody: Look At This Massive Picture Of My Face

Review by Kirsten Innes | 13 Aug 2012
  • Nick Doody

The description in the programme of this show is gloriously vague. There's not even one single 'As seen on Russell Howard's Good News' in sight! So, what on earth to expect?

Doody starts off by reiterating the importance of paying attention, and this soon turns into a glance at the world of air travel. The first few minutes of this, while being amusing, look in danger of becoming a series of Seinfeld-esque observations, but he soon proves himself to be much more than this. What follows is 55 minutes of perfectly executed comedy.

In amongst the ranting, at which Doody is so adept, about politics, religion and twenty-year-old girls, are some nice little skits. Peppered throughout the show, these include a scenario involving the world's first nerd, and a brilliant impression of a former employer. Sometimes the best impersonations are of people we aren't supposed to know.

If we hadn't already made our minds up by the end as to whether or not this material would make its way onto Michael McIntyre's Roadshow, there's an incredbly grotesque bit of imagery regarding Thatcher to help us on our way. If Nick Doody doesn't get the recognition he deserves, then the terrifying she-beast has won.

Nick Doody: Look At This Massive Picture Of My Face, the Canons' Gait, until 26 August (not 13 or 20), 20:25, Free