Nick Beaton Does Not Play Well With Others

Review by Kirsten Innes | 16 Aug 2012
  • Nick Beaton

For the first ten minutes of his act, it could easily be presumed that there has been some sort of mistake during the process of naming this show. Nick Beaton Does Not Play Well With Others? But he seems like such a nice guy! Even with his opening moan about America, he is able to charm the Americans in the room.

However, as the minutes tick by and Beaton begins to get into rant-mode, the title becomes a little clearer. He's quite annoyed about things. Mainly people. Despite the apparent anger and exaggerations, he and the crowd are definitely on the same side. Beaton speaks to his audience as if old friends who can be trusted to agree with his disdain. It feels a bit like being in a secret club.

A discussion about silly unwritten rules segues seamlessly into an especially amusing routine about humans who harbour unnecessary hatred toward certain animals. Members of the animal kingdom are safe from scorn, whereas old white conservatives and believers of Mayan prophecy are not. Beaton could be considered a more mild-mannered and less drunk version of Doug Stanhope, but he is definitely full of original ideas and this makes for a thoroughly entertaining hour.

Nick Beaton Does Not Play Well With Others, the Shack, until 25 Aug, 6.15pm, £8