Nathan Phillips: Sex You (I'm Gonna)

Article by Bernard O'Leary | 08 Aug 2011
  • Nathan Phillips

New York pick-up artist Nathan Phillips is going to seduce his audience. And then have sex with them. On stage.

Except of course he's totally not. Phillips is actually a very deft improv artist and quickly throws in a few hints, such as a description of his small, green penis, that let the audience know that they can now safely unfasten their chastity belts.

Sex You (I'm Gonna) is an extreme improv show wherein Phillips asks the audience to describe their perfect man, then tries to become that man. All while flirting badly and demonstrating his favourite seduction techniques. Phillips gives a terrific performance, but there's no denying that show hinges entirely on the audience. A five-star crowd would make this a five-star show. Tonight's crowd are sparse and a little shy- although there are a surprising number of women (I count a 2:1 ratio of women to men).

It's bold and dangerous throughout and Phillips is constantly at risk of dying the worst comedy death in recorded history. The fact that he keeps the audience with him right to the end is a tribute to what a funny and quick-witted guy he is. You may refuse his repeated offers to show you his penis. But you've still got to admire his balls.

Nathan Phillips: Sex You (I'm Gonna), Just The Tonic @ The Store, until August 14th, 9pm, £7