Nadia Kamil – Wide Open Beavers

Review by Tony Makos | 07 Aug 2013

Nadia Kamil gets straight to the point at the top of the show – elaborating on its title and shutting down preconceptions with a short history lesson and a Georgia O’Keefe painting. There’s some audience participation and a bit on unicorns, before back to dealing with structural inequality and injustice. Then some puppetry, a quick dance, and then back to her heartfelt feminist ideology.

Her first solo hour is all over the shop, and barely hangs together in places, however, it flies by: a testament to her unadulterated enthusiasm and energy. Some things work and some fall a bit flat (heavy reliance on tech cues can bring down the best performers). It's clear she's having nothing less than an amazing time, and involving the audience as much as possible helps to pull together some of the disparate strands.

The swings from feminism to glorious whimsy sum Kamil up to a tee; there are serious points, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give out yoghurt and maybe have a game of Guess Who. A delightful debut – you’ll struggle to have this amount of fun elsewhere. [Tony Makos]

Nadia Kamil - Wide Open Beavers, Stand 4, 15:30, Until 25 Aug (not 12), £7/£6