Mitch Benn: Reduced Circumstances

Review by Tony Makos | 11 Aug 2012
  • Mitch Benn

It would be too easy to say that Mitch Benn is half the man he used to be. For a start, his 10 stone weight loss last year is no longer news and was apparent at his last Fringe run. However, it’s only a year later that Benn feels qualified to reflect on this significant change in his life and cogitate over its effects on both him and others.

It's certainly had a positive effect on his comedy: Benn uses the title of his show to riff on not only his own physically reduced circumstances, but also those of the world at large. His songs are, of course, excellent, effortlessly showcasing his musical talent in a way that shows up similar guitar-wielding comedians as the three chord wonders they so often are, while adding some impressive Reggie Watts-esque loop numbers that both confuse and delight the older audience members.

An intelligent and emotive routine on addiction gives his stand-up a welcome bite that has perhaps been missing in recent years, and a heartfelt dedication to his children leaves the impression that Benn's material has matured in all the right ways.

A wholly entertaining and impressive hour.

Mitch Benn: Reduced Circumstances, The Stand 3, until 26 August, 15:00, £10