Mike Newall: Get Better Box

Article by Kate Russell | 24 Aug 2011
  • Mike Newall: Get Better Box

Rarely have I seen a more appealing, sweet name for a show. Newall’s 'Get Better Box’ is a shoebox which, as a youngster, he filled with happy memories to cheer him up when he was down. Here he roots through his childhood brain, and experiences from the last year, and the result is a very satisfying nostalgic hour.

As your average Mancunian bloke, his non-box related material is predictably focussed on the pub, curries, dating, and TV, but his laid-back, everyman delivery makes it work. Like that daft mate who can’t seem to do right for doing wrong, you can’t help but like him and laugh.

The box concept is interesting, and it’s lovely to get a little peek at the way a child’s mind works. This is the strongest part of the show and Newall could have drawn on it much more heavily – it is a little too easy for him to drift into the ‘Northern comedian’ mould.

A lovely concept - and the use of a projector and a short film keep things feeling fresh - but a bit unmemorable.

Mike Newall’s Get Better Box, Just The Tonic @ The Caves, 14.40, £8 (£7)