Mickey Anderson Unlocks the Key to Human Happiness

Article by Lewis Porteous | 09 Aug 2011
  • Mickey Anderson Unlocks the Key to Human Happiness

In making it his first point of business to draw attention to a logistical flaw in his show's title, Mickey Anderson quickly establishes himself as an amiable pedant, his following mission statement affirming that he is also a comedian of great ambition. In a PowerPoint-assisted discussion intended to explore and define the nature of happiness, he achieves all that he sets out to, offering moments of surprising insight along the way.

Unashamedly intelligent, Anderson invokes the opinions of philosophers, authors, scientists and poets as he attempts to reach a conclusion, holding each source up to his own skewed logic. His accessible blend of high and low brow references is worthy of Monty Python, while the rigour of his approach calls to mind the recent work of Richard Herring.

The show apparently took Anderson two years to write and although it's all over the place thematically, it hangs together amazingly well. The conclusion in which the irrepressible fop praises his current girlfriend's virtues is a little too sickly but, for the most part, Anderson is smart enough to temper his most 'serious' moments with those of infectious silliness.

Mickey Anderson Unlocks the Key to Human Happiness, The Banshee Labyrinth, 6-27 Aug (not Thursdays), free