Max Dickins: Dear Ray

Review by Simon Pattullo | 28 Aug 2013
  • Max Dickins: Dear Ray

The love tribulations of an older gent, a sprinkling of self-deprecation, a touch of characterisation – all these intertwine to make up the show. It’s a smart proposition, as he uses letter correspondence between an old friend and himself to form its backbone, and in the main it flows very well. 

However, it does fall short on belly-laughs. One section which has him reading from his ‘romance’ novel is a clear highlight (that the phrase ‘the sink to wash her fanny’ brings the biggest laugh of the night probably says more about us than him, right enough), but it’s all too brief as it gives way to more good if not great jokes.

Any free show can be hit and miss, though – but you’re almost always guaranteed that little bit extra enthusiasm from the man on stage, and this is no different. Engaging as he interacts with the front rows. Confident as he wraps up with a monologue, and enthusiastic as he shows fairly boundless energy.

Not yet the finished article, but on this evidence – and with a little more polished material – this could impress.


Max Dickens: Dear Ray, Banshee Labyrinth, until 24 Augt, 9pm, £FREE