Mat Ewins @ Heroes, The Hive

Mat Ewins continues to show his comedy chops with his latest Fringe adventure.

Review by James McColl | 14 Aug 2017
  • Mat Ewins

Unlike last year, Ewins has dropped any character pretence and gone all in on an hour of multimedia mayhem. The show is pure joy, and there really aren’t many stand-up shows that work on this level. The complexity of the show is itself a talking point and Adventureman 7: The Return of Adventureman is one of the more intricate set-ups you’ll see this year; mixing film, audio and presentation with Ewins conducting the proceedings from centre stage.

Ewins champions the glorious stupidity of such a concept, never letting up. And an hour with Ewins is never short on laughs either, from the opening scene (yes, this show has an opening scene) to the end credits (yes, this show has end credits). Whether a show that leans so heavily on film, focusing on an Indiana Jones-type figure, will be considered niche is yet to be seen. But it is experiences like this that the Fringe is for. 

Mat Ewins Presents Adventureman 7: The Return of Adventureman, Heroes at The Hive (Bunka), until 27 Aug, 8.45pm, £5/PWYW