Mat Ewins @ Heroes, The Hive

Character-comedian Mat Ewins latest hour is a mischievous romp – silly right to it’s whimsical core – and a glorious hour of comedy

Review by Craig Angus | 26 Aug 2016
  • Mat Ewins

Mat Ewins Will Make You A Star sees our host turn teacher, taking the audience for an hour-long acting seminar that’s heavy on homemade video projections, crowd participation and parody. It sees him return to familiar territory – the movies – an area he’s explored before in 2012’s Bruce Hammers’ Bananapocalypse (about the rise and fall of Hammers, a fictional movie star) and 2014’s The Six Million Dollar Ewins (which cast Ewins as a Jason Bourne-style secret agent).

He once again eshews a conventional stand-up routine for an hour of admirable creativity, with cameos from Bearpit allies John Kearns, Richard Gadd and Fin Taylor (who seems thrilled to witness first-hand his own contorted involvement in the show).

Ewins’ manipulation of his technology is refreshing rather than overbearing, and his attention to detail magnificent; some classified ads slowly come to our attention, and tucked away amongst a lot of very immediate visual gags they offer a welcome change of pace.

Sometimes we just want to laugh, and Mat Ewins induces uncontrollable belly aches. We are keeled over, in stitches for the duration of this show – and has anyone seen a single poster or flyer for it? It's the true underground sleeper hit of the Fringe.

Mat Ewins Will Make You A Star, Heroes @ The Hive, Until 28 Aug, 9pm, £5/PWYW