Mark Cooper-Jones: Geography Teacher

Review by Paul Mitchell | 19 Aug 2012
  • Mark Cooper-Jones

Despite rather resembling a prime candidate to have his lunch money stolen by the playground bullies, Mark Cooper-Jones takes to the stage in the persona of a strict disciplinarian headmaster, ordering us to stand upon his entrance and address him forthwith as 'Sir'. Thankfully, this charade doesn't last long enough to trigger any deeply-repressed memories and the comic proceeds with an autobiographical ramble, rooted in the fact that he, as well as being one third of increasingly popular sketch troupe WitTank, teaches Geography in a part-time capacity. 

It's a short show (about 35 mins or so, but free, so no complaints) with Mark cherrypicking anecdotes from both his professional and personal life: at times consulting with another teacher in the audience as to the best way of dealing with a smelly child and at other times giving us a visceral physical representation of what can happen when fun in the bedroom goes wrong. Geography and/or quiz buffs might be interested in the 'World Capitals' conclusion, and this has overall proved a particularly pleasant afternoon lesson. 


Mark Cooper-Jones: Geography Teacher, Cabaret Voltaire, until August 24, free,