Marjolein Robertson @ PBH Free Fringe, Bar Bados

Marjolein Robertson digs a huge amount of promise

Review by James McColl | 15 Aug 2018
  • Marjolein Robertson

On the advice of a medium, Marjolein Robertson has come to the Fringe to take her stand-up career to the next level.

Robertson drops hints of a life full of these types of adventurous moments, full of decisions that might seem misguided. However, she is never one to shy away from adventure both in her life on and off stage. Hailing from Shetland, she can now boast to be the only female comedian from the island, at least the only one you would have heard of.

Robertson is someone both in search of discovery and she's far from the small islander you might expect. Graduating from Edinburgh University, she tells of her degree in archaeology which, after spending even a small amount of time in her company, starts to make complete sense. Throughout It’s Time, Robertson digs with a curiosity and fascination that underlines her seemingly misguided ventures. At times, her train of thought are perhaps lost in waves of stories, jumping back and forth from one about an intoxicated night in Amsterdam to another unfinished story about her pet cats.

This can get confusing, but her enthusiasm always shines through. A confident performer, she's not afraid to go out on a limb for material, even when it doesn’t always pay off and for routines that aren’t fully realised. The audience is more than happy to follow these tangents. She's a very promising act and one that has the tools to put on great shows in the future.

Marjolein Robertson: It's Time, PBH Free Fringe, Bar Bados, 4-25 Aug (not 14), 8.30pm, Free

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Marjolein Robertson on Standing up for Shetland: From Shetland to Edinburgh via Amsterdam and New York, stand-up Marjolein Robertson has plenty of tales to tell