Marcus Brigstocke: God Collar

Article by Edward Whelan | 25 Aug 2009

Brigstocke’s material comes from the big questions about god and religion – and his irritation merrily pokes fun at the hypocrisies and misogynistic attitudes of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

His atheistic take on the pointless arguments between different faiths is intelligent and frequently very funny. But I felt unchallenged, nodding along happily as if I was re-taking the class. His material is not unoriginal, but with a room full of beaming atheists, he was preaching to the converted. However, Brigstocke does easily smite believers and non believers alike, picking out everyone’s foibles of thinking - even Richard Dawkins gets an earful.

Abruptly, he shifts focus a couple of times from religion onto family life, seemingly folding two different shows together creating a sort of stand up comedy marble cake. Both have some cracking lines though. The audience is in stitches and I make a note to look up why Jehovah’s Witnesses can’t vote.

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