Mae Martin: Slumber Party

Review by Vonny Moyes | 12 Aug 2013
  • Mae Martin: Slumber Party

It’s hard not to like Mae Martin. Spending an hour with her and claiming otherwise would be like saying you hate ice cream or are really for fascism; frankly, it’s just wrong. Bounding into the room, she sparkles from the moment she takes the stage, and quickly brings a warm, sleepy room to life.

This year she’s cast her guitar aside, and is back with an hour of solid stand-up – a brave departure for a young comic whose clever musical style is so loved. It works. Despite angsty teen material, it’s intelligent – she has an uncanny ability to reach everyone in the room with anecdotes and a scarily good impression of a certain vacuous pop-whatever, clocking up stacks of big laughs. She recounts growing pains with perfectly in-step gestures and an impeccable flair for killer throwaway lines. It’s genuine and at ease. Affable but expertly timed. This helps when she delves into slightly more personal material; she's vibrant and her confidence keeps it light-hearted.

She finishes with a brilliant song, delighting the room; after an hour of chat it feels like a real treat. She’s awkward and neurotic, yet it’s an undeniably feelgood hour. A natural comic talent, and if this is how good she is now, we’re in for something very special.

Mae Martin: Slumber Party, Underbelly Cowgate, 5.10pm, 10-25 Aug, £10.50/£9.50