Maddy Carrick: Maddy's Carrickters @ The Counting House

Review by Ben Venables | 27 Aug 2014
  • Maddy Carrick: Maddy's Carrickters @ The Counting House

This is a big performance in a tiny room – but one that never feels uncomfortable. Maddy Carrick presents three characters plus an exaggerated version of herself in this sketch show. Her creations all share a parodic take on minor celebrity. The show would benefit from a greater assortment of types, but there is nothing one-trick about this performance.

Many actors stumble when first performing farce, unable to keep up with the spinning-top pace of the timing. Carrick would have no trouble. Her first sketch is of a TV chef struggling to give a cookery programme due to a bombardment of social media. It's cleverly done, more intricately written than it appears, and shows Carrick's versatility and impeccable timing. A belter of a performance.

Her next two characters are no less fun, but the sketches would be strengthened with editing as the length dilutes the better material. Though during one interactive element with an audience member (harangued and humiliated by a failed rock star as part of the sketch) Carrick eked out an exquisite amount of joy and well beyond what seemed possible.

If it's your first visit to the venue, when you think you're finished with the stairs, keep moving until you find the next set towards the loft. Several popular shows converge at the same time, so arriving early is advised.