Madame Señorita @ Black Medicine

Paula Valluerca shows that clowning around can be lots of fun

Review by Polly Glynn | 10 Aug 2018
  • Madame Señorita

Madame Señorita starts by cheekily poking her body parts through a slit in the backstage curtain. It doesn’t mean much, but certainly prepares the small but by no means unwilling audience in the Black Medicine Basement for the weird and wonderful 40 minutes which follow.

When she finally emerges, she’s dressed as a 50s Snow White (on purpose? who knows?!), gracefully lifting a leg or sliding into the splits. Graceful until she bows and looks every individual in the eye with the funniest wink on the planet. It completely buckles the room and continues to do so each subsequent time.

Paula Valluerca's creation is innately funny. All bright-eyed and Jaws-like open-mouthed, she captivates the room; even if it’s through fear of what she might do next. And even when she’s not striving for laughs, she can make a ribbon dance both artistic and sexy, later reminding some old men in the crowd that women can have sexual desires too.

It’s simple, accessible and clowning at its purest and best.

Madame Señorita: QUEST!ON, Black Medicine (Basement), 3-27 Aug (not 14), 9:30pm, £5/PWYW

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