Mace and Burton: Rom Com Con

Review by Kirsten Innes | 13 Aug 2012
  • Lizzy Mace & Juliette Burton: Rom Com Con

Lizzy Mace and Juliette Burton have watched a hell of a lot of romantic comedies. Last year, in a paranoid panic that they they might be the only single women left in the world, they decided to road test scenarios from the highest grossing rom-coms in which couples meet in order to see if they could find The One. As you do.

This is almost a lecture and almost a play, but it's based on completely true events and is backed up by numerous funny and often ridiculous photographs and slides. The story of the duo's experiment is told together and they bounce well off each other. Interspersed between the narrative are video clips of couples sharing tales of how they met and their experiences with love. These are typically very sweet, but one in particular makes the room collectively well up and turns the show into an emotional rollercoaster.

Pleasingly, listening to Mace and Burton recount their story makes us feel exactly the same as when watching a rom-com. At each mention of a potential Mr Right for either of the pair, you'll find yourself willing things to work out and for everything to end happily ever after. We're ultimately left with a message of hope that's pretty lovely.

Mace and Burton: Rom Com Con, the Canons' Gait, until 26 August (not 14 or 21), 13:15, Free