Luke McQueen @ Heroes, Monkey Barrel

Luke McQueen takes on the audience in his new and hilarious show at Monkey Barrel

Review by James McColl | 14 Aug 2017
  • Luke McQueen

Often feeding on bitterness to fuel his routines and weaponising his professional jealousy, Luke McQueen’s efforts culminate in a tight and hysterical hour of stand-up. At first, the audience is not sure what to make of him and his ideas stray into Reeves & Mortimer territory. His antics are met with uproarious laughter, despite his occasional resentment for the audience; something that he is quick to capitalise on. If jokes don’t work, McQueen is not one to take it in his stride – all of which build to the climax of the show.

He is fast carving a space for himself on the comedy map, mixing the absurd with a flair for clowning. Impromptu songs and audience interactions leave the room divided but excited, and he utilises this constant struggle in the room to great effect. McQueen is at his best as a shape-shifter, from the energetic and joyous, to the confrontational – but always full of surprise. 

Luke McQueen: The Boy With Tape on His Face, Heroes at Monkey Barrel (Basement). 3-27 Aug (not 15), 10.40pm, £5/PWYW