Lucy Pearman @ Monkey Barrel

Lucy Pearman’s sophomore show is a delight from start to finish

Review by Yasmin Hackett | 07 Aug 2018

Lucy Pearman’s Fruit Loop is a captivatingly funny hour of absurdist comedy, and, accordingly, it is one to unite a broad spectrum of Fringe-goers, both young and old. Really, that is what makes a show like Pearman’s so special. There isn't a face in the room without a smile plastered across it, and the audience practically squirm in their desire to be picked to participate in a show in which they are the central characters. The audience turn out in droves on the first Saturday of the festival, and we sense that Fruit Loop might be a little different with a smaller crowd. The show also seems to rush a little to its conclusion – but this is all in-keeping with its anarchic spirit.

The narrative follows a worm who wants to learn how to fly – cue some absolutely choice costume changes which gain Pearman huge laughs before she even needs to make a sound. She is a performer brimming with charisma, and her magic shines through most in the moments of wardrobe malfunctions, confusion and the like. In short, Fruit Loop is silly, wonderfully funny and a delight to watch.

Lucy Pearman: Fruit Loop, Monkey Barrel Comedy Club (Room Two), 2-27 Aug (not 14, 15), 6.30pm, £6/PWYW

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