Lucy Beaumont @ Pleasance Courtyard

Lucy Beaumont's new show is filled with stories that are both bizarre and relatable

Review by James Gladdis | 19 Aug 2019
  • Lucy Beaumont

Motherhood is a tricky subject to tackle in comedy right now, as it feels like everyone and their mum (sorry) has chosen to make it the central theme of their work. However, Beaumont is clearly aware of this: making sure that any motherhood material takes up five minutes at most before being cast aside for something else. The material itself is told in a refreshingly odd manner as well, saving it from feeling like reheated baby food.

This whole show, in fact, is just on the right side of surreal. Beaumont manages to pull off an impressive feat by making her stories both bizarre – she wears an alien mask and assigns random audience members the identities of her various neighbours – and entirely relatable. We’ve all wanted to tell a three year old to fuck off at some point, right? Beaumont also pulls off what might end up being the most elaborate, unexpected and perfectly executed physical gag of the Fringe.

Although Beaumont doesn’t focus massive chunks of her show on motherhood, it is still very much the crux of Space Mam. Throughout the hour, her focus gradually shifts to questioning her parenting techniques in comparison to her own parents. This is memorably achieved through her use of a well-known nursery rhyme, and its disturbing content that we may have chosen to repress.

Lucy Beaumont: Space Mam, Pleasance Courtyard (Upstairs), until 25 Aug, 4.45pm, £11-12