Lou Sanders @ Pleasance Dome

Lou Sanders has made herself at home at Pleasance with a great show.

Review by James McColl | 16 Aug 2016
  • Lou Sanders

Even among the wide range of acts at the Fringe it is always refreshing to see Lou Sanders. Her mix of juvenile humour, savage observations and gender politics makes for hilarious and compulsive viewing.

For What’s That Lady Doing?, she's moved from City Cafe's basement space to a theatre set-up at the Pleasance Dome, but Sanders' shambolic and chaotic energy aren’t lost in the move. Her pontifications and wonderings are still intact, as are the occasional flurry of mischievous monologues, and Sanders curates her hour well while still finding time to play with the audience (both mentally and physically).

Dotted around the room are props, inflatable seagulls and mannequin heads, some of which Sanders never gets round to using – her shows are never quite the same from one night to the next. That said, if feels as though there's more of an overarching point to Sanders' material this year than at previous Fringes. That's good news for comedy fans, as Sanders is one comedian who can certainly shake up the status quo.

Lou Sanders: What's That Lady Doing?, Pleasance Dome (Jack), 3-28 Aug (not 17), 8.10 pm, £6-9.