Lead Pencil

Review by David King | 17 Aug 2012
  • Lead Pencil

'Randomness.' That word bellowed by lazy people who cannot articulate stuff that happens can be cringe inducing. But it's not all bad because it is closely related to the word 'nonsense.' A luxury we all indulge in whenever and wherever possible.

Lead Pencil can be said to specialise in nonsense and their fast paced, high energy sketch show explodes with it. Morbid weather reports, odes to lobster-love and the early lives of superheroes are all enacted at supersonic speed. Despite being a newish show for the troupe it is performed with almost telepathic fluidity and accuracy as limbs and props fly.

There were a couple of very clever Shakespeare jokes. And how do I know these were very clever? Because compared to the other sketches they only raised a few giggles. If it wasn't for the damned cleverness and some swears this show is such an ebullient nonsense that it could almost be for kids.

Lead Pencil is fully aware that life is absurd and this shines through as they deconstruct it for you. So maybe, actually, Lead Pencil isn't as absurd as you think it is...

Nah, it's fucking absurd! Go see it!

Lead Pencil, Fiddlers Elbow Upstairs, until 25 Aug, 4.30pm, £Free http://twitter.com/LeadPencilUK