Laura London @ Voodoo Rooms, PBH Free Fringe

Review by Sophia Shluger | 12 Aug 2016

Laura London brings deception, magic and history into the perfect setting of the Voodoo Rooms for her cabaret and variety show Cheat

Chronicling the history of card-cheating with its close cousin magic, Laura London's show takes place surrounded by a Tiffany glass lamp and art deco photo frames. Cheat is made all the more convincing by this intimate, speakeasy-style setting of the Voodoo Rooms, which evokes a sense of the prohibition era. 

She takes us on a nostalgic journey into the past through chapters of her card-cheating great aunt Geraldine's notebook and showcases examples of some of the more famous cheat games, such as the crimped card, the shell game and the Drunken Mitt game. A skilled magician, London performs all this and more with finesse. The show is also a little unnerving, as it leaves us not only impressed by card tricks but also a lot more interested in the underworld of deception.

Cheat is enjoyable and thought-provoking; an intriguing historical account of the deftly skilled women who played the game.

Laura London: Cheat, Voodoo Rooms, 6-28 Aug, 2.35 pm, PBH Free Fringe