Laser Kiwi @ Assembly George Square

An evening of Kiwi clowning from an impressive trio

Review by James McColl | 14 Aug 2019
  • Laser Kiwi

Taking their name from an internet-famous and unused New Zealand flag suggestion, Laser Kiwi are the fresh faces of the sketch circus genre. It's not a booming genre but they have firmly planted their weird laser-shooting bird-themed flag on top.

The three performers are a talented bunch, both in comedic and circus skills. Mixing sketch, circus, acrobatics and props, the troupe have developed a unique style of comedy which has a rather dorky vibe to it. They are not afraid to play with our expectations of New Zealand acts – fairly or not, the droll tone of Flight Of The Conchords will be something UK audiences measure Laser Kiwi by, and they know it. They are silly, absurd and fun. 

Before the show formally begins, Laser Kiwi hand out a detailed schedule of events in bullet point form, adding another element that gives the show a different feel. Their background in circus performance gives them an edge over other sketch groups, and their comedic flair an edge over other circus performers. While other acts may shy away from majestic circus tricks, Laser Kiwi incorporates them throughout the show. During the 'space' section, there is a beautiful rope act that is distractingly good. “I'm not sure it's funny, but it is impressive”, quips one of the other Kiwis.

That is not to say Laser Kiwi as a whole aren't funny, comedy is built into everything they do. These aren't separate entities battling for stage domination, rather a cohesive mesh of physical comedy gold. If picked to join them on stage, Laser Kiwi never make you the butt of the joke. There is a sweetness to their oddball antics. The rapid fire speed of sketches moves the show along at a good pace, and their obvious talent should take them far.

Laser KiwiAssembly George Square Gardens (Piccolo), until 25 Aug (not 19), 10.30pm, £12-15