Kate Fox: Good Breeding

Review by Dima Alzayat | 14 Aug 2013
  • Kate Fox: Good Breeding

Women who decide to not have children have two choices: join a convent or become a witch and go off and live in a gingerbread house. Right?

Donning a nun’s cowl, Kate Fox sets out to make a case for not just women who choose to remain childless, but for men who don’t desire to be called Daddy by miniature reincarnations of themselves. Despite the rich potential of the theme, Fox unfortunately harps too much on the stats and costs of raising a child, falling short of laughs. The routine often lacked structure and on numerous occasions Fox has to abandon a joke or let it trail off. Attempts to get the audience to participate, meanwhile, aren’t well-planned and are lethargically executed. Overall, the show seems to be perhaps an outlet for Fox to work out some material.

The few genuinely funny moments come when she's speaking about her own family: her mother is a self-confessed paedeophobe and Fox is a product of her infidelity. 

Not quite the sum of its parts. 



Function Room @ Dragonfly, 3-24 Aug, 6.40pm, free