Julian Clary: Lord of the Mince Review

Article by Becca Pottinger | 27 Aug 2009

Julian Clary glides out onto the Udderbelly stage in a pair of rollerblades dressed in a red tailcoat and top hat, seemingly for the sole purpose of announcing that he is indeed the ‘ring master’. This is as complicated as it gets. He spends a disjointed hour flipping soggy one-liners at a depressingly pre-convinced audience, the majority of whom appear solely responsibly for his book sales. The set culminates in a piece of organised wizardry as he pulls two onlookers up on stage to transmit his powers of clairvoyancy through the medium of a ‘familiar’, in the shape of a teddy bear. Beyond the absurdity, his ironic apology for the ticket price is probably the funniest component of Clary’s show. One that’s best left well alone.

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