Josh Ladgrove: Come Heckle Christ @ Pleasance Above

Review by Graeme Morrice | 11 Aug 2014
  • Come Heckle Christ @ Pleasance

As show titles get ever more confusing, it’s time to give thanks to comic Josh Ladgrove for Come Heckle Christ; a chance to come along, take a pew and heckle Christ, exactly as promised.  This is a show that seems to be attracting other comics and we're especially blessed to have Jessica Thom of Touretteshero fame among the congregation – it's an unplanned masterstroke of a double bill.  It all starts off pleasantly enough, the flock beckoned in with mildly sarcastic taunts from Christ upon his favoured vantage point, the opening salvos consisting mostly of rude words before these are cast out to allow more pressing issues to be brought forth – who’s to blame in the Middle East, what happens to pervert bishops, which is better Teletubbies or semen (see earlier re attendee), Christ deals with them all in turn. 

Like any mass pilgrimage everyone has their own reasons for being there. Theologians seek clarification, believers seek spiritual fulfilment, lost souls deserted in their hour of need seek an explanation, and everyone else tries to think of a witty heckle. You can’t help but wonder if Christ has seen it all before a couple of millennia ago.  If you don’t take it too seriously this is a hugely enjoyable hour of banter without any of the normal boundaries, just don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all one way – sub standard heckles may be challenged by Christ or the audience.  And what wouldn’t Jesus do, why not go along and ask; you may be surprised. 

Josh Ladgrove: Come Heckle Christ @ Pleasance Above, 1-10, 12-17, 19-24 Aug, 10.20 pm, £7.50