Jon Harvey @ Assembly George Square

Jon Harvey’s TreasuRETROve is entertaining and one for politicos

Review by Yasmin Hackett | 14 Aug 2018
  • Jon Harvey @ Assembly George Square

Jon Harvey is a self-proclaimed film nerd. Appropriately, his show is largely a look-back at some of the forgotten ‘treasures’ of the past, such as Ceefax, retro shark movies, and an election simulation game. This all makes for very entertaining viewing as the audience laugh in agreement about the things they remember best. 

He recounts his passion for film and what brought him to work for the BBC, eventually gaining an interest in politics and abandoned film-reels of politicians and their embarrassing moments. The trouble with a multi-media show like Harvey’s though is that it can feel like less of a comedy show and more like an amusing lecture. What makes it a show worth seeing, however, is a gear change which comes halfway through. Harvey is not who he seems to be and if you’re interested in political humour this Fringe then this is the show for you.

Jon Harvey: TreasuRETROve, Assembly George Square (The Box), 1-26 Aug, 9:40pm, £6-10

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