Joel Dommett - Nunchuck Silver Medallist 2002

Review by Roxane Hudon | 13 Aug 2012
  • Joel Dommett

Someone keep an eye out for Joel Dommett, because if he performs every show, every day with as much fast-paced energy as he does tonight, he might just run out of steam and pass out at some point.

The young comic builds his show around being bullied in high school and the cause of his teenage suffering recently tweeting at him, with Dommett trying to come up with an appropriate response. Quick-witted, he strays off-script a lot, reacting to things he’s saying, the audience and his surroundings, bouncing around the stage like a hormonal teenager. He also goes on random tangents about performing with Justin Bieber (which he kindly re-enacts), strobe lights and, of course, nunchucks.  Sounds all over the place, but Dommett cleverly brings everything together in the end.

Funny and charming, Dommett looks like he’s straight out of an episode of Hollyoaks, but somehow jokes like he’s one of the dweebs on The Big Bang Theory. It may not be the most intellectual show you’ll see this year, but it is upbeat, entertaining and fun.

Keep this young man hydrated, boys and girls, before he sweats to death. 


Joel Dommett - Nunchuck Silver Medallist 2002, Pleasance Courtyard, until 26 August, 20:15, £12.00/£10.50