Jo Caulfield: Cancel My Subscription @ The Stand

Review by Graham Leydon | 11 Aug 2014
  • Jo Caulfield: Cancel My Subscription

As Caulfield takes to the stage, she is excited about performing in front of the Stand crowd, especially in her adopted home of Edinburgh. She flows straight in and interacts with the audience through her experiences, easy to relate to whether they be her time with her friends in a pub, being invaded by a man, or leaving something important in Amsterdam. Each experience is relatable and that it's happening to someone else naturally makes it even more amusing.

There's no need for huge energy with her style of comedy, but that's because the material is usually so strong and the delivery so sound that the energy in itself is already there. The narratives are clearly the strongest part of her comedy and the show is (rightly so) based around this. The two highlights of the show are the Amsterdam hotel incident, which raises a round of applause and countless laughs, and her going on about a moment on the train to Aberdeen, both exceptionally enjoyable pieces of comedy. Caulfield gives some variety to the show, and has an interesting audience to mix with, especially in this case a group of lawyers in the front row mixing with a taxi driver and learning a vital life tip.

She finishes up by showing us her notebook, or the holy grail of her comedy, which rounds off the show perfectly and the audience certainly enjoy that too.  As her way of being generous she supports local charity The Yard Adventure Centre with a bucket outside, taking photos and autographs afterwards. Cancel My Subscription is certainly a safe bet for a great time.

Jo Caulfield: Cancel My Subscription @ The Stand, 1-10, 12-24 Aug, 7.05pm, £10