Jeff Leach: Boyfriend Experience

Jim Leach promises he will almost definitely not sleep with everyone in Edinburgh this year

Preview by Iain Gorman | 04 Aug 2012
  • Jeff Leach

Tell us about your show?

In the past year I have become a male escort for a television documentary, taken up celibacy for four months and assessed my sex addiction for another documentary and gone through the motions of becoming perfect 'boyfriend material' to try to win over the woman I love. It's an hour of revelation for men who want to learn and women who want to finally see a comedian being honest about the insecure and fallible nature of modern man.

In 5 words or less, why should we see it?

You deserve the sexy truth.

How have your previews been going?

They've been so much fun I'm worried the festival itself might not be able to match them!

How are you going to keep it fresh for the full three weeks?

This year I have incorporated a plethora of creative additions to the show in the form of video, character and musical comedy. It's a stand-up show with a whole lot more. I also delve in the realm of improvisation every show so there will always be something new.

Is it ultimately worth coming to the Fringe?

Does Jimmy Carr's accountant get a bonus?

Do you have a guaranteed, sure-fire flyering technique?

Nothing impresses people more than the comic him or herself taking the time to hand out their own flyers and talk about the show personally. Cuddles will be dispensed freely.

What's your health regime for the Fringe?

Well this year I am actually going up as a completely sober man and I am actually in training for a role in a big budget feature film I'm performing in come September, so regular exercise won't be a problem for me.

What's the worst mistake people make at the Fringe?

Last year it was probably sleeping with me. This year a different lothario comedian will have to take on that mantle.

Last year's Fringe was all about the London riots. What major news event do you think will force you to hurriedly rewrite your 2012 show?

'COMEDIAN DIES EVERY NIGHT ON STAGE'. The audience are there to see my show, not to see 'Mock The Week' bite size.

Do you pay your taxes?

I pay mine, Jimmy's and most British bankers' taxes too it would seem.

What was your favourite joke when you were a kid?

Childhood is not a laughing matter.

Who else are you hoping to see while you're in Edinburgh?

Katherine Ryan, Tania Edwards, Rachel Stubbings, Sara Pascoe and Jessica Fostekew. Because I like laughter and ladies, not necessarily in that order.


Jeff Leach: Boyfriend Experience, Gilded Balloon, until August 27 (not 14), 21:30, £9.50/£8.50