Jayde Adams @ Pleasance Courtyard

A diva with a brilliant voice

Review by Veronica Finlay | 09 Aug 2018
  • Jayde Adams

The Divine Ms Jayde is a big production matching an equally big voice which lifts this show above its comedy value.

Jayde Adams is, as you would expect, wheeled onto the stage on a throne and unleashes her powerful voice. And boy can this woman sing. Accompanied by Olivier Award-winner Richard Thomas on the grand piano, Adams effortlessly shows off her vocal ability in songs that are both comical and catchy. In between the musical numbers she jokes about Bristol and her body shape, accentuating her words with priceless facial expressions.

There’s a confidence in her physical performance – not everyone can pull off sequinned Lycra – that adds to her likeability. She’s clearly a woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Adams regularly summons her gimp-suited ‘husband’ Pudding, who she speaks to with the sweetest condescension, and she lets him have his own star turn before the end of the show. But this is her show.

In references to Beyonce and Jay-Z, another musical power couple, she seems genuinely humbled by Bey’s ability to forgive her husband’s infidelity, and there’s a moment of seriousness when she declares which values are important to her, including compassion and empathy. The rest is pure glam and feel-good fun. Just like Pudding, the comedy plays second fiddle to the divine lady with the big voice but this show is nonetheless an absolute treat for the ears.

Jayde Adams: The Divine Ms Jayde, Pleasance Courtyard (Two), 1-27 Aug, 9:30pm, £7.50-13

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