Jasper Cromwell Jones: This is Not a Holiday (Joe Bor) @ Just the Tonic at the Caves

Review by Ben Venables | 25 Aug 2014
  • Jasper Cromwell Jones This is Not a Holiday (Joe Bor)

Jasper Cromwell Jones is not on holiday. Back from his mountain climbing misadventures, Jasper's next trip is of a more personal nature. He sets out to the Australian outback in a quest to find his biological father. His itinerary and survival tips have been provided by his old friend 'Bear' – a sinister Jeeves to Jasper's Wooster.

Joe Bor's show is a model of Wodehousian characterisation and storytelling. He presents an exceptionally polished and professional performance though could have been more creative in the story, which does seem well trodden. The misunderstandings are based on thin material – though accurately written through the prism of Jasper's character.

While the 'posh twerp' could be criticised for lacking originality and this performance for not providing a more satirical bite (the obvious contemporary target would be Boris Johnson), adding an ambitious streak to Jasper would fundamentally change the show. Sometimes it is better not to search for meaning and simply enjoy the latest incarnation of a British archetype – and Joe Bor is a sure success providing that character.

This is a rather jolly hour and a must see if you enjoy P.G. Wodehouse.

Jasper Cromwell Jones: This is Not a Holiday (Joe Bor) @ Just the tonic at the Caves, 1-21 Aug, 23-24 August, free