Jason Byrne: The Byrne Supremacy

Article by Edward Whelan | 16 Aug 2009

There is a row of seven children, all under ten, sitting in the third row. Byrne clocks them straight away. ‘Too late now!’ he cries. ‘We’ll just have to do the show anyway!’ It’s not exactly a show you’d recommend for young children, but the kids love it -who cares if they 'get it'? They love him putting on funny voices and pulling faces and throwing himself around the stage. They are killing themselves to the graphic stories of his injuries (perfect for a row of seven year old boys as some of them involve poo). He even advises them on fart gags.

Clearly, underneath his fuming, swearing tirades Byrne is just a big motormouth kid, an unstoppable force of rage and giggles and random thoughts. From tales of being the awkward kid to rants on clumsy fatherhood, his material may not come from a starkly original source, but he makes it damned funny.