Jamie Loftus @ Pleasance Courtyard

Interesting character comic Jamie Loftus teaches us to lead our best business lives

Review by Polly Glynn | 12 Aug 2019
  • Jamie Loftus @ Pleasance Courtyard

“If you’ve not signed the non-disclosure form, I can do whatever I want”, Jamie Loftus screams to a group of latecomers in Boss Whom is Girl. In this hour, Loftus is Gasoline Shell-Sandwich, head of PeePee Smart Homes and her debut Fringe hour takes the form of a powerful women in business seminar.

It’s a pleasingly offbeat hour which sends up all sorts of male businessmen ideals and the kind of ludicrous stunts women pull when they’ve too much money and power (vaginal quartz eggs, anyone?).There’s a real spark when Loftus plays with the crowd, pulling out men (or powerful women allies) to demonstrate taekwondo on, compare daily routines or simply recite famous women over The Bangles’ Eternal Flame.

However, there’s certainly some misfires throughout the show. The strained relationship between Gasoline and her Alexa-esque personal assistant Patricia seems very one-note, even though the early Sims-like graphics are fun (yet feel incongruous with the tech-giant, big-dick-energy Loftus is swinging). And, although the relationship does develop, it doesn’t seem to ramp up the humour, leaving the hour’s climax feeling poorly-thought out and unnecessary, as Loftus chooses outlandish behaviour over constructed jokes. There’s also some US business references which seem to completely fly over the head of a Fringe audience, and although they’re not the be-all and end-all of the hour, it does make you feel unworthy to be in attendance at the seminar. 

Boss Whom is Girl shows Loftus as a rising alternative comedy talent. However, it feels stuck in limbo between grassroots silliness and slick, Nathan for You-style stupidity.

Jamie Loftus: Boss Whom is Girl, Pleasance Courtyard (Baby Grand), until 26 Aug, 10.45pm, £9-11