Jackson Voorhaar Can’t Play Guitar

Article by Stephen Toman | 18 Aug 2011
  • Jackson Voorhaar Can’t Play Guitar

He may not be able to play an actual guitar with strings and whatnot, but armed with a modified guitar hero axe, a genial persona and a number of amusing anecdotes, the Aussie Voorhaar keeps the 40-odd people crammed into a space smaller and sweatier than an average metal band's rehearsal room thoroughly entertained.

The free afternoon slot at the Fringe must be a tricky one for any performer as the post-lunch lull sets in and alcohol actually quietens the audience rather than riles them up. Voorhaar though - all laid-back charm and almost Izzard-like delivery - gently coaxes the lethargic audience throughout a genuinely charming and self-deprecating performance. So natural is he that it is only the occasional pause or quiver in his voice that gives him away.

Sometimes minutes pass between laughs as Voorhaar tells stories rather than jokes, he perhaps needs to accumulate more material for an hour long show, but so personable is he that it is never anything but immensely enjoyable.


Jackson Voorhaar Can’t Play Guitar,Aug 4-28th, 14.15

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House

Part of the Free Festival