Jack Barry @ PBH Free Fringe, The Globe

Jack Barry’s Tango is a show unapologetically about sex

Review by Yasmin Hackett | 10 Aug 2018
  • Jack Barry

Sex can be a very alienating topic for a Fringe show – so it bodes well that Jack Barry is able to craft a surprisingly accessible hour while also talking so openly and frankly about his own sex life. The tone of the show is kept light so that there is minimal discomfort (despite the odd occasion where he jumps from light and informal to intense and outrageous in a way that shocks the audience into laughter).

But Tango isn’t just a narration of the comedian’s sexual escapades; much of the material draws to attention, for example, the strange disparities between men and women’s sexual education. It isn’t preachy, though, and Barry always manages to demonstrate the humour to these differences. And sex, as it turns out, is not a topic that has to be cringe-inducing and awkward – sitting in the front row are two parents with their children, and they all laugh along with the rest of us, cementing the show as an accomplished hour.

Jack Barry: Tango, PBH Free Fringe, Globe Bar, 4-24 Aug, 8:30pm, Free

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